There’s a solution for everything nowadays days
If you can’t take the kid out of the fight
then take the fight out of the kid

Or fifty little white soldiers marching off to put you out of your misery
Everybody’s sick soft and scarred
(Suicidal is the new black)

Prozac has become a staple of the American diet
Look! no red squiggles telling you that it’s not a word
Trazodone autocorrects to tragedy
and isn’t it?

(Who needs twelve different names for the same drug?)

And it’s like a contest
who has spent more time in a psych ward
who takes more antidepressants
who has more angryred lines across the wrist
who vomits more
who has more suicide attempts on record

I bet I’m more fucked up than you are!

But when your eyes are sad and hurt and angry
Just pop a pill or two
(They’ll medicate the shit of you anyways)

And you’ll never see such emotion in the mirror again
Staring instead into dead eyes
Doesn’t it feel better this way?

Because, god, I’m finally numb
don’t take me back now