Stolen Away From My Heart

I want you near me,
Yet I pull away at the coldness
In your arms.
I want you to kiss me,
Yet I turn aside at the carelessness
Of your lips.
When I walk alone, you hover
Beside me, not an angel of hope
But a spirit of darkness.
I hold your hand,
But your heart remains unfettered
And free.
Oh how I want to be
Curled in the warm embrace
That stole away my breath,
How I long to be consumed
By the passion that your lips
Wrought upon my skin.
But there is nothing here,
Just an empty field of calmness
Devoid of spark and fire and life.
You sit under a graceful tree,
Motionless in the warm air.
I call to you, yet my voice is stolen
By the trace which seems a peaceful blessing.
You cannot hear me.
I can touch you and kiss you and hold you,
I can scream and hit and tear at your skin,
Trying to uncover the secrets within.
And yet, my efforts fail.
It is not meant to be that wild Love
Should enter this field of languid summer.
I am frozen in inescapable happiness,
Unaware of my passing life.
I waste my energy on you,
Who cannot sense the depths of my heart.
I while away my time on a statue
Of flesh and blood,
And then I awake one day
To find that my mind is old, my soul spent
On fleeting, passionate emotion.
Still I long to return to the field
Where you sit silent,
Long to attempt to love you,
But I am locked out.
I can never return.
And so I kneel by the idyllic grass,
And weep.