I Would...For You

The wild cold wind tears
At my hair, twining a noose
Of gold-brown strands around my neck
The same way that
Your wild cold words
Wrap around my heart, crushing
It to dust.
Yet even as I crumble, your arms
Collect me from the ground,
Carry my brokenness away, and
Make me whole with your
Whispered words of promise
That I will believe each
And every time they hit me.
I will cling to the letters of all the
Forgotten emails, thrown away by you,
But cherished by me;
A record of a year of love and hate
And sex and sin and crazy happiness
That flows like water through my soul,
Scalding a scar of you onto each
Inch of my being.
And all I know is that I
Would never, could never,
Hate you for each little mark upon my heart.
This wild, cold, hot, crazy, confusing place
Is painfully wonderful.
This is what I know of love,
And I would repeat all of it
In a mere second,
For you....