The City of Charm

The Sun shines and the people walk by
While I'm in the shade, sitting
Watching the water ripple and roll
Sea green into the harbor
I feel like I'm watching
God, with his invisible paintbrush
Doing his work, even with the
Filthy city medium

The concrete angles contrasting the fluid water
And the colorful dragon paddle boats
Certainly makes for a nice picture, but
What does this moment mean?
I feel like it should mean

The wind blows and the day grows
Older with each passing moment
The aroma of food is in the air
A pigeon lands near my feet and
Within seconds, three little boys begin
To shout names at it and chase it away
Oh, to be young again

A saxophone player plays here comes the bride
To a gaggle of women, both young and old
And I can't keep my eyes off the ass of this girl
While a performer performs for an impassive crowd
Then he asks for a volunteer
But only a child raises his hand
Oh, to be young again

A bum bums a cigarette off of me, passing thru
While a crazy guy listens to his headphones
And sings out loud to himself
Sounding like autism personified
And maybe he is

I can see the charm