My Sleepy Gentleman

The sleepy gentleman follows me to be sure that I’m alright.
He waits for me to finish being up again all night.
He takes me down and cuddles me until the lights are are slight.
Now, with my sleepy gentleman, there’s no one left in sight.

The gentle soldier kindly hides from me a lonely hiss.
He whispers of his gratitude as I mumble my bliss.
I wait for him to wander off for all we are is this,
But, then, my sleepy gentleman remains inside a kiss.

Away my sleepy gentleman will lumber for a time,
But back again he lumbers still to stop all on a dime.
He returns, his pleasure sunk, his skin, as hard as lime.
The sleepy, kind sir hears my call and returns to me what’s mine.

I pray my sleepy gentleman will figure where to go
For every time he tells me ‘yes’, my heart still whispers ‘no’.
I think my fading lustful stares will never tell him so,
So now my sleepy gentleman will never bare to know.
♠ ♠ ♠
This is the first time that I went on a first date and then felt something that could manifest itself on paper. It was oddly powerful.