Is always bitter
Bone chilling cold
And every
It gets a little bit colder,
But I know
It’s warmer
Where you are

Than the spring mornings
When you rode your black bike
To my house
And sat
On my front steps
And enjoyed
Breakfast together
And soaked
In the sun
Of a new day

Than the summer nights
We spent
Watching movies
Until 3 am
The House of Wax
You hid under
One of my fleece blankets
You hated scary movies
But would watch them
With me anyway

Than your bear hugs
And your cologne

Than your smile
And your odd laugh

I hate writing goodbyes
They’re useless
When you’ve never
Actually had the chance
To speak
Such a painful word

I still can’t say it
I don’t want to say it
And writing
Will never heal it

Because now
You’re lifeless
Cold and stiff
With rigor mortis
Laying under
6ft of permafrost

But I know
It’s warmer
Where you are.