Love Me Before You Go

Those greens gazing down to these browns

Those strong hands softly tracing down my side

Your hands finding my thigh then leg

Placing your fingers in the nook behind the back of my knee

You wrap my leg around your waist

Who knows what'll happen next

Your soft lips whisper against mine

I ask for you to love me one more time

You give me a crooked smile in return I give you one that's shy

Bodies are exposed no clothing in sight

Chest to breasts

Tummy to belly

Lips to neck

Teeth to skin

Love bites are given then the magic begins

Moans are loud screams are louder

You make me say your name with power

Harder faster softer slower

Don't stop yet, it's not yet over

Kisses everywhere even tears come down

Breathing, hearts pumping quiet I love yous are whispered

You hold me close when it's done you kiss my nape eyes are closed and sleep overcomes

The next morning has begun

These brown eyes are open

They look to find those green eyes

Then my heart is broken

You have gone for your two month departure

I'll miss you very much

But I know you'll be back soon

And we'll love each other more than ever

As you said the day you told me you were leaving

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder."
♠ ♠ ♠
Dedicated to the love of my life. I'll miss you every second you're gone, but I can't wait for your return.