Got the Summertime Sadness

Summertime sadness
Fades into madness
Yet relief at the same time

Listening to faded songs
Thinking about my faded wrongs
Trying to come up with a stupid rhyme

Hey, at least I'm not at school
Trying to compete with those who are 'cool'
But I don't think that here is much better

My parents are overbearing, overweight, overly anxious, I'm over it
When my mind tells me to just go for it
They say 'step back and look at the weather.'

But it doesn't matter
Not even the patter
Of rain of the roof

Because I'm slowly sinking into a pit
Of my own madness, and I'm sick
Of being regarded as some silly little goof.

I should be taken seriously, but I'm not
And just left to rot
In a puddle of my own sadness

Because even this summer will be done soon
I'll continue to be a loon
Because this is a perpetual madness