Becoming Of A Twisted, Forgotten Soul

A kiss goodnight from the devil himself.
The warm embrace of eternal misery.
A fire begins, burning oh so powerful, from deep within me.
Blood is dripping to the ground,
As a blade is slashing through my wrists.
A cup is placed to catch all that remains of me,
Whatever that may be.
Cheers to all the thirsty demons I can't resist.
I wish them all a treacherous night.
Light a candle and take a bow.
Pour your gasoline around my body as the candle tips over.
Flames put me to rest.
I am silent, not a scream escaped from me.
Everybody gathers 'round,
Rips up my burnt body to shreds.
A bell rings and all the demons laugh and hiss.
All around a fire engulfs the room,
And I am devoured.
Not a tear shed in the upper world for me,
No one realizes I am gone.
Air is in my lungs once more,
And the devil kisses me.
Torture, bloodshed, laughter, I am no more.
I have lived it a thousand times, and there will be many more to come,
In Hell.