Don't fuck me around like that
I'm sick of it
Teasing, always teasing
Tears mingle with the hate that you can't quell
Too bad I threw away my blade.

You're always there
Words hurl themselves like bullets
I'd rather dodge a blow
My ears hurt from the battle
And so I'm thinking of pulling a Van Gogh

It isn't fair to watch and not say anything, honey
Didn't anyone teach you to behave?
All I get is silence from you
While my fingernails itch to pop you like a balloon
And watch you cry.

"Everything is my fault."
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Grow up a little.

Can't help it
No escape
But I can't stop it now
Too late
Blood blossoming
Sorry I woke you.
♠ ♠ ♠
Old stuff. Painful stuff.