I think it's time to accept that you're long gone,
Never coming back now.
You're not the same.
I know I've messed that up for sure,
By doing so wrong for so long and never being who you want me to be.
You're a broken person,
Far from mending.
You once were a glowing spirit, but you keep on bending.
That you think all life has to offer is traps.
So, you drink until you collapse,
Body lying on the floor surrounded by bottles, razors, lighters galore.
Your faith long gone before I'd ever come,
Head constantly pulsing, throbbing like a drum.
The day when I'd wrap my fingers around your thumb,
You never felt anything but numb.
Not a thing could change the hate you feel towards the world.
That every last breath of mine, to you was a mistake.
And you wanted me at the end of my line.
Scared, paranoid, you choke down some more pills,
And you search for all the thrills, no matter how much of you it kills.
There's a part of you you'll never find,
It's way too far behind.
You'll never have your peace of mind,
So all the tears I have cried,
Are for you.
♠ ♠ ♠
This was originally about my mom, but it seems like a little has changed. I dunno. Most people never change, do they?