The Path of Delusion

Words like marbles drop

From red paper lips

In a white mask of scorn.

A laugh like a needle

Grows, magnifies,

Until all the world can hear your shame.

Little snakes come in the night,

Slipping and sliding their way inside your mind,

Their hissing little tongues whispering

Treacherous lies.

Each journey through the halls of school

Is torture,

The walls bending and melting to

Trap you,

Confine you,

Tossing you high in the air

And watching you burn as you fall out of orbit

And hit the ground in a smoldering mass of resentment and tears.

"They will pay," you swear.

"They will pay for the cruel knives

That set in my heart.

They will pay."

You are sneaky and secret and

Mad with revenge,

And you plan the downfall of each one.

You watch as they cry, jus like you once did,

Hiding in bathroom stalls

Surrounded by graffiti and the smell of bleach

In their noses and swollen red eyes.

You love it, you crave it,

This feeling of final control

And its not til years later,

When your hands are cuffed

And your tongue is tied,

That you see the mistake of wanting more.

And the first thing you say,

With your eyes on the floor,

"I always told them they'd pay."