Damsel In Distress

I get dizzy when I

Think about you,

That float-away feeling

Like a marionette on its strings,

Like my limbs aren't connected

To my body anymore and my head is just

A roll-away ball

With spots dancing in front of my eyes

And my heart thumps fleetingly

Against my ribs, trying to break free.

I run, barefoot, out into the night

To look for you, call for you,

And we are close, so close

That maybe if I whisper

With enough force and hope

You'll come rescue me from this

Princess' prison tower

That I locked myself in so I don't drift away

When I get dizzy

Thinking about you.

The wetness of a thousand

Cloudy raindrop tear rests upon the road,

Glittering like a gilded

Palace gate

Under the streetlights and stars.

And maybe, just maybe,

I I sing my soul out from the top of my tower,

You will hear it and come up to the gate and

Whisk me away,

So the speed of our journey will destroy

The dizziness I get

When I think about you.

The rustle of damp leaves is like

Thunderous applause

As the prince brings his princess


Home, where I can stop

Getting twisty and turny

And fuzzy and warm

And dizzy when I think about you.