A Picture Of The Dark Side Of Us

America walks on sidewalks

Crowded with empty words and hate,

With greedy businessmen who need to

Feed their accounts

With the rich green dollars Obama keeps printing,

Filled with women whose

Plastic, Botox, Barbie faces

Stare blankly at their HDTVs,

Starving for extra-small waists and Kardashian clothes.

America’s cities are made of protests,

A thousand marching feet

Finding a voice for gays,

Screaming justice for Trayvon Martin,

Crying for food for the poor.

Yet whatever happens?

Dollars and cents pile up to 13, 14,15 trillion in debt

For government paycheck and weapons of war

While citizens starve in the streets.

Whatever happened to common sense and ingenuity

Fixing what was broken,

making what was needed?

Now the workers and doers sit silent,

Hands frozen to hamburgers and video games.

And this generation of young people is even worse.

They sit in brand-name jeans,

Suffocated by the internet,

By pop stars and movie heros,


Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence, breast implants, celebrity diets, superfoods and Covergirls,


For the next trend, the next fad.

Is that any surprise when all I can see is

Murder trials and 16 and Pregnant?

America, you disappoint me.

You are the land of the brave, the home of the free,

And your job was to care for our founding fathers and their posterity.

Whatever happened to all men are created equal?

Now we are fighting to give rights to the

poor and the weak you can’t fight the shame of begging for life,

The minorities and immigrants, black, yellow, brown, described only by color

Like a box of crayons,

The women, the gays, judged for their bodies and the bodies of those they love.

America, how can we live free

When your food is nothing but Mexican slavery,

When Lady Liberty is raped by ignorance and bad politics, shady deals and falsehoods,

When there are drugs in our food, drugs in our streets, drugs in our water,

Drugs in our souls and hearts and minds to keep us quiet and complacent;

When thousands of innocent people must die to sustain your

War on Terror, War on Gay Rights, Wars on Women and Poverty,

Why can’t you just condense them and call it the

War on Life?

Our flag is a mockery of pity and pride;

I can’t sing our National Anthem

Without wanting to scream that it lies.