Life Is Your Circus

In the big red tent that is your mind,
gymnasts twirl and acrobats glide,
your sorrow is the clown with the mourners face,
happiness is the dancer in the red lace.
Knowledge is the magic under the cloth,
Ability is the illusionist trying to shock.
Anxiousness is the child new to the show,
Excitement is the fire eater who always will know.
Coordination is the juggler doing new tricks,
Pride is the accountant who'll soon be rich.
perseverance is the contortionist bending her bones,
Observance is the audience that sits in rows.
But the one factor that stands out from the rest.
Is confidence, the ring leader, trying his best.
♠ ♠ ♠
Recently I've been obsessed with circus culture and performance after meeting a wonderful man who knew all the tricks of the trade. enjoy and god bless xxx