The hardest part of living, is taking breaths to stay

Shattered to pieces, battered and bruised
With every look in the mirror, a black hole appears
I’m nothing more than a broken promise,
Living in a life of a lie

When will I ever be good enough?

I drown in a pool of grief and sorrow
Feeling torn to the rims, beaten to the bones
Broken and defeated,
I’m the shattered youth

Was this what is wanted of me?

Backed to a corner,
Helpless but alive
Feeling nothing inside,
But defeat and no pride

Will this all end tonight?

This blade is my enemy,
This blade is my friend
It is there to console me,
When I feel like this world is pretend

When did this become who I am?

With every mark on my arm,
It cuts to the core
Making a trench like wound
An everyday reminder, that I’ll never be more

Will the pain I’m given, ever be felt?

The one to love me, I can never repay
That love is thick,
As the blood escaping from within me,
It is worth every drop

Will that love be driven till forever and more?

For my last dying breath,
I’ll bleed for you
For my last dying breath,
I’ll love for you

The world tells a lie, the heart endures the pain.

Where is the life
Where is the light
Where is the color,
In this black and white world