I Love You

I can still remember, even now,
the soft vibrations of your voice, like
little waves, crashing against the sand
in my eardrums. I'm sorry I didn't hear you
when you called out for me. I swear
I was a statue before you took me
to your garden, and gave me the life
of the flowers, and made me a heart
out of the sharp edges of the stars
in your eyes. You knew it would always have
to break for me to hear you, the storm
is raging, and sometimes
I wonder if you're in the rain. I sit at my window
and wait for you, the window we both know so well.
Sometimes I think you're in the air, I feel you
in the sharp silence of my room. Have I made you invisible?
I know you can hear me- the earth isn't so cruel
that we are always apart- how can we ever
undo the knots, or break the cords that keep us
tied to each other on an endless stream- the moon
buried our secrets, kept us silent, but speaking through
each other all the time. You are the artist who made me
like this, so clenched and desperate, waiting for you
to love me again. You are the woman who gave me
her fruit and fed me her milk, you are the one
who opened the gate and brought me in. You are
the one, even now, who
I want more than all the others. You are
moonlight. You are everlasting love. You are earth,
and rain, and rocks,
and you are music
that never stops. I love you. I love you.
I love you.