Warmth flares through my fingers
each spread the same distance apart
as motes tumble through the green sweetened air

And all I can do is
and think
and wonder
then breathe again

When the sun whispers against my pinna
urging the pastel into a soft shade of rose
as blades of lush amuse the delicate hairs on my neck

And all I can do is
and contemplate
and question
then breathe again

Through the thick fog of my brain
and every pulse of pain in my gut
as bile rises in my throat

I will always
and inquire
and envision
but always breathe

With relentless eye rolls of waitresses
every tantalizing homeness in the senses
as baskets of poison lapse across the table

And all I can do is breathe
just breathe
but always breathe...
♠ ♠ ♠
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