The Setting Gates

She stood so stoically in the beginning.
Her figure was proud as the statues of angels in the garden,
Disregardful of the assaulting rain, the sleet, the wind, the smoldering sun.
Her eyes, they shone like crystal flowers of earthy browns and greens.

Until Fate so grabbed her by the neck, wringing her out to crack and wither,
With not a pause of sympathy or guilt, but for a moment,
A moment in which we all believed she had been spared,
Till wicked hands then pulled the reigns of Death again.

Now there is a hollow spot in the garden.
Our beauteous angel has risen, despite our saddened hearts.
And our souls, while they grieve in emptiness and pain,
Lighten to know we shall soon be one again.
♠ ♠ ♠
I wanted to express hope, the cruelties of fate, and the joys of the afterlife. I know that I used the word 'again' two times (it was three till I cut one out), but I felt that it was fitting. It's reassurance.