Free Me

Waves roll in and out and
I drift on the tide,
A stirring corpse that has been
Exhausted by your love.
You kiss and touch and care,
Yet all the while a fortress is growing around your
To keep me safe from secrets that can't be shared
To anyone,
Lest the spider-web strings
Of relationships
Should tear.
I am bird in a golden cage,
Whose bars are plenty
Far enough apart to let me
Slip through,
Yet I am content to sing
In my self-enforced captivity
So That our kingdom can become a fairytale.
Yet I have tumbled from my perch and
Landed in the real world,
Slumping on dirty sidewalks and in cluttered homes.
What do I have to do to keep myself
From blowing away on the wind
While you turn to a zombie in front of a screen
Covered in games full of fantasy and giants?
I am lost, wandering in a maze of confusion and first love,
And you are not there to save me.