I tore your moon
and let it
honor me,
its shards of sticky
wet poison. I put
my fingers inside you,
and all the wolves howled.
I fucked you
with the curtains open. the
warmth between your legs
made me fuck you harder.
I was digging for the jewel,
swimming through
the undercurrents of
your sweet, indelible
you were resisting
the waves,
too scared to let them
hit you. you
fought against
the tide,
and turned the land
between your legs
into a garden.

you swam in my thrusts,
like waves
that would never end,
and when you came,
you pulled your legs
around me and gasped,
as a thousand birds
all left their cages,
and the sun burst
in little heat waves,
sending you
into the wild
where you
would always
know your maker