The Body of Two Hearts

I was there
when the world in her body
sank, like two
little ships,
overcome by the turbulence
of the tide’s strong, relentless
pull. The river between
her breasts, where fish
swam and jumped
towards me -
or the hills
that made their home
on her hips, boulders
of flesh, she was so beautiful
she even had her own sky.
I waited until
her body had reached sundown,
then looking for the star
that drew me in,
the jewel that bound
my heart to the secrets
of its universe - I crawled
upon her, breathing heavily,
the wind to wake the
violets, shaking their
roots from the ground. I
went to her garden and opened
the gate. so many men
before me had gone
to the most beautiful place
and left without ever
sleeping on the soft
silk of her stomach. I saw
the flowers, curling
their petals, too old
to hear the rain
and feel its watery

I was there
when the world in her body
sank, not strong
enough to keep the ocean
from rolling in. The lake
between her legs
came tumbling out
with all the men
she had welcomed
into her kingdom
of flesh.

I looked into her eyes,
two dying orbs of
and I swore
I could see the storm
in some far off place.
I kissed her breasts,
and felt as they
dropped into the net
of my hands, that
I would always
love her