"Never" Again

Just drown me in my blood,
would you please my little friend?
I promise this is the last time,
I won't do it again.

You and I both know its just a lie,
I know you don't believe me,
just please cut my out of my skin and I'll feel better.
my dearest little friend, don't you want me free?

You realize this helps me, right?
oh, please don't be sad,
you're helping not hurting,
you don't need to feel bad.

I need you here to help me cope,
without you, I'd be forced to find another way out,
you wouldn't want me gone?
or would you watch my light dim out?

I love you in every shade,
my beautifully, dangerous,
little razor blade...
♠ ♠ ♠
People who are thinking about self harm PLEASE don't do it, it honestly doesn't help ANYTHING it honestly makes it much worse. Self harm and suicide are NEVER the answer, please don't let yourself be caught in the vicious cycle I have sadly stepped in....