The Journal

Sadness glows upon her skin,
freezing, stopping the words within.
Dragging the silence to the surface,
slowly like a crimson kiss,
that stains the eyes and burns the throat,
solemn words was all she wrote,
in a journal full of tear laced pain,
it was the only friend she would ever gain.

Pain vials her face,
it swallows the tears she can't erase,
that stream across each delicate page,
her heart crumbling like burning sage,
leaving ashes strewn within the words.
Her feelings flock like two million birds,
feathers like her unsolved fears,
that have fallen over her all these years.

The journal gives her silent love,
when she wants to escape to the high above.
♠ ♠ ♠
All my poems that you read will have a piece of my life in them. This one basically describes the relationship with my journal that I had last year, I literally wrote down everything and it helped soo much.