Darling, Let Me In

I want to know you.
I want to trace the outline of your scars
and hear their stories.
I want to kiss the raised white marks on your skin
that remind you of battles you've fought.
Tell me everything you've ever known
tell me about your past, and your worries for the future.
Talk about your fears.
Let me make your burden a little lighter,
let me take your hand and ease the pain.
Show me your darkest fantasies and fears
as we sit in the darkness of your room.
Describe the worst day of your life.
Tell me about the person you want to be,
and about the one you swear you'll never become.
I want to see all the broken, twisted parts of you,
I want to know all your worst memories.
Tell me about all the times you've been let down
and all the best days of your life.
Tell me everything you know-
your hopes and dreams, wishes, worries and fears.
I want to hear your stories.
I want to know you.