Suicide of the Mona Lisa

Paint a picture for me,
brick by brick in crimson red,
wash it away,
with all the tears I see.

Drip drip, drop drop,
Do you see it fall?
see it dripping?
never having the will to stop.

Try to catch it,
but watch it slip out of your hands,
and shatter like ice.

Look at the fire it has lit,
a burning fury,
cold eyes staring,
but not sparing a ration.

So paint me a picture,
how did it look?
like prescription pills for sure.
♠ ♠ ♠
I was suicidal when I wrote this...but trust me I'm not anymore. I would never want to put my family and friends through so much pain. I honestly know how it feels to be like this...but PLEASE it is NEVER the answer to anything. Someone out there loves you unconditionally, please don't put them through this kind of pain....