How Do You Outrun

How do you outrun
The lies that’ve undone
And can’t help but add the sum
Of the lives that have suffered for you ‘cause you’re god
But you’ve came up with only one
One that loved
One that fought
One that saved
One the savior
But that one lied
Your two hands are tied
You’ve been one two many steps behind
Of reality ‘cause you become blind
What the truth beholds
Outside might be a savior
But his own behavior
Differs of what’s in his heart
He’s tearing you apart
Piece by piece
And you can’t release
Yourself from his grasp
Cause you’re in a trap
So how do you outrun
The lies that’ve undone
The truth is you can’t
Cause he already won.
♠ ♠ ♠
Hey ! this is an old poem of mine, maybe two months ago I wrote this. Tell me what you think ! I love feedback