I Know I'm Not Thin.

Self confidence broken.
Hurtful words spoken.
I know I'm not thin.
Look at the jiggly skin.
I know I'm not small.
Nor am I tall.
I'm told you can't look cute.
At your size it doesn't suit.
Your too chubby,I'm told.
As my Step-mom is quick to scold.
I hate this.
Being small I miss
but,being small is hard to do.
When all I eat is as they tend to.
Clothes I love I can't wear.
My size causes buttons to tear.
I want to lose weight
but, it's hard at this state.
♠ ♠ ♠
My Step mom told me I am too chubby for leggings and that I need to shop for chubby clothes. :(