I Don't Think I Like it Here

I don’t think I like it here
Within these wire walls
This rusty home’s ill-fitting
No, I don’t like it at all

I’m just a tiny hedgehog
And I’m frightened by this place
I don’t belong in such a cage
But there is no escape

Other hedgehogs lived here
And they made this place a mess
I’m drowning in their droppings
That you haven’t cleaned up yet

There must be a better place
For creatures such as me
Where air is clean and sun is warm
And hedgehogs can be free

I know you are my master
And you’re much bigger than I
But can’t you see I’m suffering
And don’t even know why?

That’s why I don’t like it here
There’s no hope for the small
I’ll never fit in or escape
I don’t like it at all.
♠ ♠ ♠
Haha I've always thought of myself as a hedgehog for some reason idk