What More Am I

You can’t unsee my natural state
Guilty, I crave sympathy
The flesh breaks and begs and melts
Bones scraped of humanity
I’m a rosebush dying of thirst
Hollowly the heartbeat drums
Petals smashed into a pulp
A single thorn to puncture your lungs

What more am I?
What more am I?

I wish crystal castles were real
A world where I can finally breathe
Let bobbing bubbles send you away
The voice like God speaks quietly
And blissful bursts of starry skies
Flow by like endless speckled seas
Alone at last, I close my eyes
Maybe hell is just for me

You couldn't know I shouldn't be here
Truth is cruel so stay inside
Happily I've doomed us both
I’d go but who knows how I’d die?
Beads of sweat balloon and blossom
Goosebumps look like mountainous scars
Stars sink and bubbles burst again
Good to see you’re fed, my friend
I’ll come no matter where you are

I’m nothing more
I’m nothing more
I’m nothing more than a lullaby