III-VII: Suffocate

It's hard to breathe with your lungs being squeezed, but you try to choke the air out still.
The more you breathe the harder you're squeezed and you're collapsing over yourself.
I'm not going to help you, I'll stand over you and watch the life being crushed out of you.
Your lungs press together harder as you gasp for precious air again, knowing that you'll just be in more pain
With every breath your vision clouds over and the room gets dimmer, and darker.
You panic and look up, see me smiling down at your crippled figure, pleading with your eyes to stop the pain.
But I press on, I let this happen no matter how you beg and try to scream, muffled noises and voice cracks are all that make it and you're dying.
You fall over and curl on your side, willing yourself to live
Hasn't life done enough to you?
Don't you just want it to stop?
You look back at me one last time before your vision closes and blurs, turning black.
You stop struggling and I stare down smiling.
I turn to walk away from your lifeless body, I never tried to help you, only stared as you died
You would have done the same, you wouldn't have tried to save me, you would have watched in delight just as I had, you're a cold soul.
You would have done the same.