These Bonds Are Broken

I burned down the bridge we built
threw a lit match and the flames took hold
(I cried bitterly for the heart you broke
as I watched our love become ashes,
I cried at how quickly it collapsed)
I fell out of love and it tore me apart
(I forgot I existed, I lost myself)
(blessed be the broken and blessed be the cursed,
blessed be the empty eyes staring in the mirror)
I threw my phone at the wall
when you told me her name
(don't you blame me for the mistakes you made
I'm not to blame for the other girls you kissed)
I gave you a dozen chances
and you still slammed the door in my face
(I gave up and you came back,
begging for forgiveness I'm not willing to give you)
So I burned down the bridge we built
It was fragile and already crumbling
I threw a match and let it burn

(you kissed me with poison on your lips
and I tasted the gasoline on your tongue
you cut me open with razors in the form of words
you gave me the match I needed to start this fire
without even knowing, you gave me fuel for these flames)

(This bond is broken)