Two Different People Don't You Know?

You think you're ugly.
I think you are pretty.
You laugh at my compliments
while I laugh at your ignorance.
I try to be nice while you brush it off.
You beat kids up in the school parking lot
I help the kids cross the road.
Two different people don't you know?
You live with problems while I live with happiness.
You try to hide but you can't forever.
No one cares about you except me.
What happened to our friendship?
Your parents divorced and remarried.
Your dad is never home and your step-mom screams.
Your mom is gone having left you alone.
Two different people don't you know?
My parents love each other and take care of us.
They laugh and they hug and they love us to death.
They never divorced or remarried.
But I know that you know we are two different people.
You are pretty under that frown.
I am ugly under the makeup I wear.
Two different people don't you know?