My Family

My family is broken.
We’ve slowly been falling apart
For the past twelve years,
Splitting at the seams.
My family is torn in two,
One side against another.
If you choose one, don’t expect the others to be kind.

My family is ruthless.
Secrets once told to trusted ears,
Now are being shouted for all to hear.
My family is lost,
Before my grandmother passed, there was no fighting.
We were happy and free.
Now they’ve chosen different roads in life,
And here is where we’ve been lead.

My family is selfish,
They seek more for themselves than for all our sakes.
Look out for number one,
That would make a good family motto.
My family is full of liars,
There is no honesty in them.
Lie to benefit your stand,
Point the finger, and pass the blame.

My family is full of hypocrites,
Turning their backs on one another, constantly drawing new lines,
Forming new alliances as if required,
Changing as often as the seasons.

My family is hurting
One another, time after time.
Hurting the memories that are buried in the past.
To remember them would be too painful,
For the smiles and the laughter couldn’t last.

My family is convinced I can handle the truth.
Over and over, I hear about who said what,
I hear the fights and the screams.
I see the tears,
Feel their pain.

My family is in denial about the effects it can have on me.
They turn from the tears I shed,
They don’t care how it weighs on my heart.
All they expect is for me to listen and be there for them.
They figure this is fine for me to handle.
But the truth of the matter is,
My family doesn’t know who I am.