We Found Each Other

My little black heart was supposed to be empty
but the love I had for myself wasn’t plenty.
I found myself in your mesmerizing eyes
so with you I’ll travel to other skies.

Your pure heart is filled with tears,
and I wonder how much pain your soul bears.
You found your reason to live in my never-ending love,
so you'll do as you are told.

We found each other in this god forsaken place,
but we'll stay together no matter what we'll face.
Our love has to always stay true,
I know you want that too.
♠ ♠ ♠
Nothing much to say about this short one. The first stanza is what I thought of in order to describe Ophelia's feelings for Mercy and Maria in my story, Immortal Kiss. I added the second stanza, to completely change this piece. What do you think?