My Love

My love is steadfast and fervent,
it flows effortlessly like a river;
bound to you I’m your servant,
so pleasurable it makes me shiver

It shines bright as stars up above,
it’s constant and stable, not frickle,
unadulterated, absolute true love;
our hearts entwined, my love trickles

where it’s transparent and can be seen,
intense in depth, without restrictions,
truly exquisite you are my queen;
it’s unconditional without contradictions

The love in my heart declines to hide,
like a valleys surface it’s wide, green,
it’s everlasting and it shall never die,
you are simply decadent like fine cusine

I am revived with warmth, and pride,
I shall love you until the end of time
♠ ♠ ♠
Poem not only describes the intensity of being in love, but love that is everlasting until the lovers dying day.