Why Can't I Be

Why can't I be
Like characters in books
Heroes who slay dragons
Detectives who solve crimes

Why can't I be
Cool and collected
And say right things
to make people feel better

Why can't I be
Different and appealing
To all the world's eyes
And make a lasting impression

Why can't I be
Like strong men in movies
Who are tall and brave
And smoke cigarettes

And so I keep asking, why
Why can't I be?
What have I done
To be stuck in deep holes
Never to get out

Why can't I be happy
Why can't I feel loved
Why can't I open my eyes
And see all of the beautiful things
Right in front of me

And I will keep on asking
Why I can't be
Until I get my answer

So on my gravestone they will carve
Because there are some answers
You will never get