Have You Ever

Have you ever cried
So much that it hurt
And crying only made you
Feel more like dirt

Have you ever lied
To protect someone you love
Even though it might
Send you home above

Have you ever needed
Someone so much you can't breathe
And only for them
Do you wear your heart on your sleeve

Have you ever wanted
To go against a promise you made
To release the pain inside
You need it to fade

Have you ever been a hypocrite
Just once or twice
To get away from the pain
That just tripled thrice

Have you ever broke
Down and cried
Because on the inside
It feels like you died

Have you ever loved
A love so deep
It felt like you're in the center of
A volcano that weeps

Have you ever lived
Just to see that one
The one who brings you up
When you feel done

Have you ever died
Just to save them
Because I'm ready to die
To save him