Beauty is what hides deep within the crevices of one’s mind
Buried underneath defensive mechanisms and insecurities
It is hidden in the plain sight
Within the eyes of the broken and burden
In the smiles of the hopeless and cruelly treated
In the sorrow of a wail and the defeated laugh of a teenage boy
In the hand of the elderly woman and coo of an infant
In the skin pigments that color our streets as rainbows
In every shape and size
From blonde hair to brown eyes
On the run ways and the hide a ways
How can one human claim to know true beauty?
How can one human truly define what beauty looks like, when beauty is in all?
From the scars line on a wrist to receding hair lines on the aging
From bruise marks on the weary to garden parties of the wealthy
Beauty is not for one man but for all
But remember, the beauty starts with you
From the slope of your nose to the weight of your burdens
From the curve of your smile to the path of your tears
From the tips of your fingers to the bottom of your feet
From the edge of your thoughts to the plain of your stomach
From the beat of your heart to the rise and fall of your words
From the bend of your knee to the vibrate of your spine
Remember your beauty and I will remember mine