I remember the color of her eyes.
A light brown, and if I’d have a penny for every sparkle that I saw.
Well, I would of filled up my piggy bank.

and I fell in love with them,
Cause I could only hope that a person with those eyes.
Those diamonds, those beautiful crystal balls.
That they’d belong to a love like no other.

and It was like no other.
Cause when we first kissed, I fell asleep.
Not literally, but metaphorically, it’s what I’d always said.
and Every memory felt like a dream that I could recall quite easily.
All until that day that I woke up.

You weren’t there when I woke up.
There was no one next to me in bed.
I fell asleep a hopeless romantic,
and I woke up wishing I was dead.

You really did take what was left of the good in me.
Now, when I drag myself to the bathroom in the morning.
And look into my mirror, and look at what is before me.
I don’t recognize the reflection.

All I see is this broken figure that stands before me.
and His scars might not all be physical, but I can see them quite clear.
It seems the worst of scars, are the ones you can’t see.
The screams that are the loudest, are the ones you can’t hear.

I’m not diminishing the physical ones, because I share those, too.
But when they’re inside of your mind, what can you really do?
I can’t write, “You’re perfect”, over them.
Because to write that all over myself.
To paint that inside of my mind.
Would be a lie.

No one is perfect, and that’s okay.
Cause through now, tomorrow, or the next day;
You will make mistakes, I will make mistakes,
You will hurt people, and I will hurt people.

The real thing that matters, is what comes after.
Do you feel remorse, and truly care.
Or simply forget the memory, like it was never really there.