I Hope It Was Worth It

Was it worth it?
I hope it was worth it
to lie to make yourself feel tall
and me small

to make me feel like a used up rag doll
some old rubbery burnt up ball
you got your laughs
you got pleasure seeing me shatter like a piece of glass

you saw me as I slowly started to fall
you heard my cries and my calls
you just pushed me down; forced me to crawl
you love making me feel so dam small

I hope it was worth it to see the tears stained on my face
to convince everyone that I was a huge disgrace
you always made me feel out of place
I bet you longed for me to disappear without a trace

you long to play the hero
so you look like anything but a zero
with your sword and your shield
preventing those around you that attempted to yield

how dare they not bow at your feet
and treat you like an elite
someone worthy of praise
you want people to celebrate you for days

I hope it's worth it when it's all said and done
but excuse me now, I think this time I will run
because I need to be treated like a pearl
like a beautiful and courageous girl