A Doorway Into Another World

There it is,
encrusted in jewels representing a milion stars.
On the top of a black stairway waiting to be opened
where the darkness merges to the point that the beginning is the end.
Always shut until the point when someone turns the handle and steps through,
but will someone take the risk and see what lays beyond the door.

Up and Up the stairs to the door,
seeming to always get further and further away as the steps progress.
Once upon the top step a glance at the handle stops the reach for the knob,
take the risk to experience a new world where no one else has been to before.
Then the jewel encrusted handle is taken a hold of and slowly turned down,
within a minute later the door clicks open and is gently pushed forwards to swing open.

The bright sunlight glares through the open doorway,
and now there is a chance for a new adventure in a new world to happen.
Take the chance and step through the door to experience the new world,
and have a chance to create more doors of possibilities and to step through them
into a different world yet again.
♠ ♠ ♠
My entry to the [url=http://www.mibba.com/Forums/Topic/184541/Mibba-Magazines-Doorway-of-Possibilities-Contest/]Doorway of Possibilities[/url] contest.