His blond strands, like a halo,
slicked back perfectly.
That's what he was—perfect.
His eyes, cold, dark chasms
strike fear.
Refusal of emotional expression
with pouted lips and slim, sharp jaw.
Towering and lean like the gallows.

Her tresses black like Raven’s wings,
spreading out behind her.
Orbs gray like clouds above
a funeral procession.
Tats and scars, skin a map of
a malicious life.

Both frozen in a raw history
that cuts deep.
Both lost, lonely in a bleak land
of isolation.
Their well-built barriers clash.
Crashing down upon the other
in a fight for dominance
Breaking apart when one gets
too close to the other.

They refuse to state the feelings
tearing out of their chests,
ripping through their cold hearts
and clawing them to life.
Still deny the chemistry.
Warmth that has never been felt.

She's sent to kill him,
a bullet to the heart,
knife to the throat.
A duty to another that cannot be finished.
Just get the job done.
A hesitant hand to send lives reeling.
Can't do it,
but can't stop.
Forgot how to love, now forbidden.
One has to die.
♠ ♠ ♠
Written to express my #3 ship, Kris/Raven for Nikki, haha.