Static seeps in and out of my dreams
tears flow down my cheeks
all I want more than anything
is to hear your voice

but static continues to interrupt
continues to disrupt
distorts your voice
I can't hear a sound

I can't make out your voice
static is stealing you away
from me
I try to run towards you

leap through the cellular world
but all I get is radio silence
I feel so lost
and unsettled

I can't seem to fall asleep
that dam static is too loud
too powerful
it is overwhelming

it seems to want to control me
to strangle me like a thick blanket
possess me
it won't stop

until it takes everything away from me
first your voice
then the light begins to slowly fade
all I see now is black and grey

my life is beginning to decay
that dam static
I wish it would just
go the hell away

I miss the vibrant colors
the way they danced around
in the stillness of the night
it wasn't so dark then

now all that is left
is ashes and silence
nothing to hold onto
nothing to gravitate towards

is this what static has to offer me?
lonely nights
and no endless conversations with you
as we chit chatter forever and ever

black and grey
they know their place
and they surround me
and I get trapped in static