I feel the rage boiling up inside me
like a dam volcano
I am ready to erupt
too many commitments
not enough time

too many people pulling me
in every dam direction
I am only human
not Medusa with several different heads
I am only human

don't you realize that by now
oh you would if you would
unplug those ears
and listen for once
to the words that I speak

and hear my timid but scurrying feet
to see me slouch like the Hunchback of Notre Dame
like a battle this is my defeat
you finally managed to get the best of me
I bet you are standing on top of your seat

laughing again and again
like a dam hyena
you seem to be laughing hysterically
but your on your on this one
like a lonely star in the sky

find your corner
and do me a favor
stay the hell out of mines
I am not invincible
like a fragile skeleton

watch closely as I shatter in to a million pieces
just like humpty dumpty
you can not put me back together again
I am on my knees
I refuse to stand up

not on these wobbling legs
so please back away from me
I am tired of whispering
my evil thoughts to you
they never seem to penetrate that small mind of yours

So back the hell away from me
I am tired of running
tired of fighting
this time you will hear me
this time you will hear my screams