Don't Lose It

I am placing my heart in a golden case
I am handing it to you so baby please keep it safe
Promise me that you will protect it with all that you are
Baby my heart has been bruised
and dam it's been battered
like a porcelain doll I had to watch myself shatter
My heart is the only thing I have left in this world that matters
I don't ask too much of you
this you know to be true
But I can't take seeing my heart
Left stranded on the cold grey concrete steps
I saw my heart turn from burgundy to grey
in less than a day
My love it is slowly starting to decay
It almost got swept away
like those forgotten cobwebs on the cobblestone steps
Too many tears
my heart unfortunately bares
Is it you my darling
that will keep me safe just this once?
without any strings attached
I need to know
that I can trust you with all that I am
So take this golden case with my heart, from my hands
and baby please don't lose it