Music plays softly

The beat coursing through one’s mind

Each note is secluded to the ears

Making the imagination easier to find

Her thoughts are lost

They journey near and far

Never to be recaptured

They appear as quickly as a star

But vanish just as dawn were to be approaching

Each thought lost in the depths of her mind

But not before they travel through her heart

And render her lovely eyes blind

Each one leaves marks as monumental as mountains
And rifts as deep as a bottomless pit

No one can see turmoil that ravages beneath the surface

The way it makes her inner self split

The war between her mind, heart, and soul

For the split second she is brought back to reality

She is amazed at the spark

That can create such a brutality

When her walls are dropped

And there is nothing but the music

Her imagination has no limit

Her thoughts contain no mercy

She is left to her own self infliction

That was originally created

By one simple feeling

A feeling that the human race seems to crave


Pure love can do no harm

It contains no evil

But when one person no longer has it

The lack of want disperses

And the hole that was filled

Is torn open

The pain was never felt before

But now

Well, now it is cataclysmic

She can no longer reflect on her lost love

But it is so prevalent in her being

She repels the thoughts

She shoves them violently back

Her walls are up

The music is stopped

Her eyes burn but she refuses

No longer will she feel this way

A deep breath enters and leaves her in a strain

Why did she let her imagination and thoughts run so rampant?

She let her guard down

Never again

She would never let her wild mind, wild soul, and wild heart run free