Jealousy Isn't a Good Look on You

I see you running around after him
Chasing the past, trying to go back
To that one night when he was yours
That one night when you were worth more
That one night when he lost his mind
And left his heart outside the bedroom door

Love isn’t blind, I notice every little thing
I read the texts, I saw the looks, I heard the lies
But I heard the truth too, saw it in his eyes
He laid his heart open like a book and I read it twice
I couldn’t be broken when he wasn’t mine
But that was then and this is now
This time it’s personal
Hey, this time I’m fucked
‘Cause my heart’s out in the firing line

Jealousy has got the best of you
And how does it feel to be second best?
You fucked with my head until I caved and gave in
Walked away from it all and you still didn’t win
But now I’m here, I’m back for good
‘Cause me and him are good for each other
And you, darling, are good for nothing

I don’t hate you, I just pity you
You cry ‘cause this keeps happening
I laugh ‘cause you’re a tragedy
Such a sore loser, in denial he didn’t choose ya
Honey, you ain’t in his future, he only used ya
You’re so fucking needy and desperate for love
Always texting him, ringing him up when you’re drunk
Bitch, do me a favour

Keep your hands to your-fucking-self
Keep your words in your fucking mouth
Keep on looking at me in that scheming way
And I’ll wipe that smirk off your fucking face