The Character of Chapter Four

It’s all memories now

All black and white

Like letters on a page of a book

That describe those we cry for

Even though they don’t exist

A character

Fictional characters

We cherish them. We laugh at them. We love them.

That’s what it feels like now.

A book full of chapters, now closed.

One that gets harder and harder to read.

Yet we still laugh, sing, and cling.

We remember forever…

Real heroes from our childhood.

Special people made of gold.

Very special.

Good, kind, warm, funny, beautiful

Pure spirit

A spirit so absolutely and wonderfully unbelievable

Then the dust settled

And that’s when everything went from 3D

A crazy, amazing rollercoaster of music and laughter

To the same dimensions as a book



The ride suddenly ended

The book closed

Our hero’s job was done

Our blown minds now lost

And it suddenly didn’t feel real anymore

It felt like the worst ending to an amazing book

With one amazing character.

I guess that’s why they call it Fiction.

That’s you.
♠ ♠ ♠
I was feeling sad and this came out. Random, but I was missing The Rev. Thanks for reading!
Jimmy Sullivan 1981-2009.
Rock in peace.