The degree of pain you have put me through is insurmountable,
undeniable, unbelievable.

Everyone thought that things had turned around,
that I was better, pain-free.

But they never saw you coming, my downfall.

Now I am left to pick up the pieces of what I once was.

My heart was twisted three hundred and sixty degrees,
nothing but a hole left in its place.

I never thought that you would be the one to break me,
leave me that cold December night.

You were supposed to be there. Be my knight in shining armor,
when things get to dark.

Instead you dragged me there kicking and screaming.
I never had a chance to make it out alive.

Now I'm sitting here with this most severe pain,
with no way out of the darkness.
♠ ♠ ♠
Prompt: Degrees
Written for the Mibba April Poem Prompt Challenge found here: